Bronwyn Lee

Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling), Grad Cert. in Professional Supervision (Clinical) (Pastoral), CCAA (Clinical Supervisor), PACFA Reg. (Clinical)

Bronwyn has fifteen years experience working in the field and enjoys working with both individuals and couples.  Her particular interest in helping couples achieve/maintain healthy relationships is supported by additional training in couples therapy and relationship education.

Bronwyn believes that counselling can be effective for periods of high stress and also helpful to clarify and work through issues that may be less testing but still causing discomfort.  Her perspective is that life challenges are opportunities to learn and therefore she aims to provide support and also encourage personal growth throughout the counselling process, regardless of the presenting issues.

She works eclectically, so does not focus on using any particular mode of counselling but may draw on a variety of approaches and resources.  She sees each individual as unique and does not assume that any two people will travel the same path on what may be a similar journey.  Counselling is therefore a journey of discovery, a safe place where distress can be eased and where there is potential for restoration and healing.

Bronwyn offers professional Supervision services for individuals.  Please contact her to experience care and quality she offers her clients.

To contact Bronwyn please call  0467 294 056 (office hours) or email

Bronwyn is available for consultations in person or online.

Yimfong Voon

MCRCS Master of Couple / Relationship Counselling & Supervision, Grad Dip Christian Couns. Dip Theology (UK) PACFA Reg. Clinical & Accredited Supervisor

Relationship Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor

Yimfong is an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist with specialist qualifications in Couple & Relationship Counselling and over 12 years of professional counselling experience. She is passionate about how relationships matter and in strengthening individual and family resources to create more intentional and meaningful relationships.

She works with individuals, couples and families who experience a range of difficulties and distress, including life transitions (school, work, cross-cultural), trauma, loss and and grief, gender identity and sexuality and mental health challenges that stretch the capacity of relationships.

She engages with her clients relationally and collaboratively to clarify their dilemmas and work through their difficulties. In this process, clients often recognise and begin to discover new perspectives and develop greater agency in creating the change that is possible … and necessary for them.

Yimfong offers professional Supervision servicesindividual, group and online. Please contact her to experience quality supervision in a caring and confidential environment.

To contact Yimfong please call 0405 657 675 (office hours) or email

Yimfong is available for consultations in person or online.

Faye West

BA Christian Couns., Grad. Dip. Couns., Dip. Teaching (Primary), Specialist Cert. Bereavement Couns., Cert. Childrens Action Couns., Cert. Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work, Cert Transpersonal Expressive Therapies, CCAA (Clin), PACFA reg, PACFA Accredited Supervisor

Counsellor, Play Therapist, Clinical Supervisor

Faye has over 16 years experience as a counsellor working with children and adults in both individual and group settings.  She believes in offering a safe and caring space for clients to tell their story and explore their issues using Expressive Therapies such as symbols and sandplay, art, music, journalling, body awareness and movement – through which new insights can be gained and stress can be lowered.  However, Faye also draws on other modalities such as Narrative, CBT and Systemic therapies to find the most suitable approach for each client.  She is committed to supporting and empowering clients as they process and resolve their experiences and discover new perspectives on their life stories.

Faye works with individuals experiencing a range of difficulties such as depression, anxiety and trauma;  she has a particular interest in identity, self-esteem, finding meaning in grief and loss, childhood abuse, life transitions, cross-cultural challenges and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Faye is passionate about assisting individuals experiencing disenfranchised and complex grief.  She is also deeply committed to assisting parents in their journey by helping with behaviour issues in children and approaches to parenting.

Faye grew up in East Africa and has adult children and grandchildren.

Faye offers professional Supervision to counsellors, including those working with children.  Contact her to receive her care and insightful skills to support you in your helping profession.

To contact Faye please call on 0418 874 949 (office hours) or email on

Faye is available for consultations in person or online.

Analy Alfonso

Bachelor of Social Science (Early Childhood), Grad Cert. Christian Counselling, Grad. Diploma Family Therapy, AAFT Reg.

Analy is a Family Counsellor.  Analy has many years experience in working with individuals, families, children and adolescents and is dedicated to seeing families do well.  Analy is a Christian but her passion is to see change, freedom and healing in relationships and lives no matter what your background, gender identity, sexual orientation, beliefs or situation is.  You will find a safe and helpful space to work through whatever you are facing.    We all live in relationship to others, whether it’s family, friends, partners or work and we all need help to navigate our emotions, fears, pain and life experiences.  Come and see what can be done to improve your family, couple or individual experience when communication, decision making and inner peace is restored to it’s best.

To contact Analy please call  9764 3738 and leave a message or email

Analy is available for consultations in person or online.

Jimmy Yeow

Master of Social Work, Grad. Dip. Family Therapy, Grad. Cert. Family Sensitive Practice, Grad. Cert. Counselling, Grad. Dip Community Development, B.A. Youth Affairs, AAFT Reg.

With eighteen years of counselling and training experience, Jimmy’s passion is in humanity healing and he works with teenagers and adults, couples and families who need support for challenges relating to anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, low self-esteem, bullying and abuse, as well as relationship difficulties, conflict resolution, mediation and cross-cultural communication. He offers a range of therapeutic expertise and experience gained from working in government, voluntary, educational and tertiary settings in Australia and overseas. He has taught counselling, cultural competency and management at three local tertiary institutions and has been a keynote speaker and panellist for several mental health forums.

Jimmy is also an accredited Master Instructor of the world renowned ‘Mental Health First Aid’ Course (Teen, Youth and Standard versions) for twelve years and regularly trains adults at their workplaces and young people in schools and universities, to understand common mental health problems (such as depression and anxiety disorders) and to help people who suffer from these, using a non-judgemental first aid action plan. In addition, he conducts workshops in ‘Suicide Alertness’ as well as ‘Cultural Competency’ and is an accredited facilitator for the internationally recognised ‘Prepare & Enrich’ (Pre-marital) Course, which helps couples identify their key strengths and growth areas as they prepare for life together.
Please contact Jimmy to experience professional care and renewed hope, in your journey towards healing and restoration as individuals, couples and families.

To contact Jimmy, please call 0414 414 652 or email

Jimmy is available for consultations in person, by phone or online.